Meet our military speakers


Ross Kemp

BAFTA award-winning actor, author and journalist

Stanley McChrystal

A one-of-a-kind commander with a remarkable record of achievement, General Stanley McChrystal is widely praised for creating a revolution in warfare that fused intelligence and operations.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes OBE

According to The Guinness Book of Records

Simon Weston CBE

A Falklands War Veteran, Simon Weston returned from the war with 46% burns and facial disfigurement.

Pete Goss MBE

Pete Goss is a sailor and adventurer.

Patrick Cordingley


Monty Halls


Mandy Hickson

Finding a love of flying early in life

Major Chris Hunter QGM

Arguably had the world’s most dangerous job

Lord Richard Dannatt

General The Lord Richard Dannatt is one of the most successful Generals of our times

Ken Hames

One of the country's leading motivational speakers focusing primarily on leadership

John Peters

Came to the world’s attention in January 1991

John Nichol

15 years service in the Royal Air Force Flt

Joff Sharpe

Founder of two start-ups

Jo Salter

Imagine being in control of 25 million pounds of screaming metal flying just above the ground - decisions have to be immediate

Jacquie Davis

Thirty years Jacquie Davis has survived as one of the top operators in a male-dominated profession — the secretive

Graham Jones


General Sir Peter Wall

Completed a 40 year career in the British Army in 2014

General Sir Mike Jackson

Extraordinarily distinguished military career spanning almost 45 years - from officer cadet to Chief of the General Staff

Dick Strawbridge

Born in Burma in September 1959