Meet our leadership speakers


Amenallah Reghimi

Vice President of Product Management at JAGGAER

Clive Rees

VP – International Chief Procurement Officer, Fujitsu

Adrian Bradshaw

ex-Deputy Supreme Allied Commander NATO

Ann Daniels

Polar Explorer and World Record Holder

Donald Sull

Research and teach strategy at MIT Sloan School of Management. Co-Founder CultureX

Elizabeth Linder

Specialises in the intersection of societal change

Daniel Evans

Social Entrepreneur using enterprise as a pathway to create positive change & leader within the world of support for emerging entrepreneurs

Theo Paphitis

Business and retail entrepreneur, also known as a TV Dragon on BBC's Dragons' Den

Luke Netherclift

21 year old Entrepreneur passionate about sustainability, Mental Health and Entrepreneurship.

Lord Blair of Boughton

Former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Lord Blair is an experienced and forthright speaker, who can cover topics such as security, change management and leadership with authority.

Gordon Ramsay

Multi-Michelin starred chef and TV Star

Marc Randolph

Co-founder and first CEO of Netflix.

Max Howard

Max Howard created and ran studios for Disney in London, Paris, Orlando and Los Angeles, working on some of Disney’s most memorable films.

Robin Chase

Transportation entrepreneur. She is co-founder and former CEO of Zipcar, the largest carsharing company in the world.

Mitch Lowe

Mitch Lowe is the Former CEO of Movie Pass. Formerly, Mitch served as the President of RedBox and was a Co-founding Executive of Netflix.

Allan Leighton

The man who sold ASDA to US retail giant Wal-Mart for £6.7 Billion

Chris Brindley

An engaging keynote speaker, Chris Brindley MBE brings strategic business thinking to life with real examples and refreshing dynamism.

Tim Waterstone

An astute and determined businessman, Tim Waterstone is the founder of Waterstones bookstores and The Early Learning Centre.

Eduardo Braun

The director of the HSM Group, Eduardo Braun accrued an incredible knack for identifying the qualities that make ideal leadership while interviewing world-renowned personalities, from political leaders to business gurus, around the world.

Barry Gibbons

Former CEO of Burger King, Barry Gibbons received international acclaim for his performance in the business.