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keynote speakers

Brian Cox

TV Science Presenter and Charismatic keynote speaker

Emma Lawton

Emma Lawton is a Creative Director living in London.

Bozoma Saint John

Trailblazing brand and marketing executive, Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix

Donald Sull

Research and teach strategy at MIT Sloan School of Management. Co-Founder CultureX

Elizabeth Linder

Specialises in the intersection of societal change

Theo Paphitis

Business and retail entrepreneur, also known as a TV Dragon on BBC's Dragons' Den

Stef Lewandowski

Hacker, software developer, start-up entrepreneur and co-founder of Makeshift

James P Rubin

James Rubin is a former policy advisor in the Clinton administration and diplomat.

Lord Blair of Boughton

Former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Lord Blair is an experienced and forthright speaker, who can cover topics such as security, change management and leadership with authority.

Gordon Ramsay

Multi-Michelin starred chef and TV Star

Marc Randolph

Co-founder and first CEO of Netflix.

Scott Bedbury

Recognized as one of the world’s top business minds for helping build some of the most respected br

Joseph Stiglitz

Winner of the Nobel Prize in economics

Annabel Karmel MBE

Author of books on nutrition and cooking for babies, children and families.

Michio Kaku

One of the most renowned scientific figures alive today

Max Howard

Max Howard created and ran studios for Disney in London, Paris, Orlando and Los Angeles, working on some of Disney’s most memorable films.

Philip Kotler

Legendary marketing expert and author Phillip Kotler is a world authority on marketing principles and economics.

Nick Jenkins

Founder and CEO of Moonpig.

Robin Chase

Transportation entrepreneur. She is co-founder and former CEO of Zipcar, the largest carsharing company in the world.

Markus Kramer

An advisor of businesses, boards, executives and operational teams, Markus Kramer has a wealth of experience.