Meet our customer service speakers

customer service

Theo Paphitis

Business and retail entrepreneur, also known as a TV Dragon on BBC's Dragons' Den

Philip Kotler

Legendary marketing expert and author Phillip Kotler is a world authority on marketing principles and economics.

Nick Jenkins

Founder and CEO of Moonpig.

Allan Leighton

The man who sold ASDA to US retail giant Wal-Mart for £6.7 Billion

Chris Brindley

An engaging keynote speaker, Chris Brindley MBE brings strategic business thinking to life with real examples and refreshing dynamism.

Barry Gibbons

Former CEO of Burger King, Barry Gibbons received international acclaim for his performance in the business.

Michael Bergdahl

Michael Bergdahl is a change management expert helping businesses make turn in the right directions.

Kate Hardcastle

Kate Hardcastle MBE, a.k.a. The Customer Whisperer is the UK's leading 'go-to' business expert on consumer insight for National TV & Media.

Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes is an award winning entrepreneur and brand hysteria expert, who inspires cult-like brand loyalty through his world-renowned  tee-shirt  brand Johnny  Cupcakes.

Peter Jones

Chairman and CEO and founder of Phones International Group

Tim Wade

As founder or CX Lab, a global customer experience consultancy, Tim Wade is a recognised international speaker on customer experience and marketing leading the transformation of businesses across the world.

BJ Cunningham

Serial Entrepreneur, often best known for Death Cigarettes

Billy Riggs

Master of Enchantment, Entertainment and Empowerment

Paul Orfalea

Founder of Kinko's, a $2 billion global business

Alex Hunter

Branding expert, Angel investor and Company Incubator

Terry Jones

Founder of Travelocity, co-founder of Kayak and Wayblazer

Wayne Hemingway MBE

Wife Geraldine built Red or Dead into a clothes label that received global acclaim

Tony Anderson

Driving Easyjet from a start-up to Europe's biggest airline, successfully dominating all competition, Tony Anderson is an admirable entrepreneur.

Tim Dorsett

Tim Dorsett has been at innocent for 7 years with one mission - to help people work better and go home happy.

Terry Leahy

Market genius Sir Terry Leahy is the former CEO of supermarket Tesco.