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after dinner speakers

Brian Cox

TV Science Presenter and Charismatic keynote speaker

Bozoma Saint John

Trailblazing brand and marketing executive, Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix

Melissa Sterry

Design scientist, systems theorist and futurist Melissa Sterry is recognised as a world-leading authority on the science, technology and thinking that could help build a better world.

Pierluigi Collina

Widely considered to be the greatest football referee of all time.

Sean Fitzpatrick

International Rugby legend Sean Fitzpatrick draws upon his experiences as a winning team captain to offer his expertise as a leader to businesses and management.

Leanne Spencer

Award-winning entrepreneur and the founder of Bodyshot Performance Limited.

BJ Cunningham

Serial Entrepreneur, often best known for Death Cigarettes

Megan Smith

Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer

Marc Woods

British Paralympic Swimmer winning 5 medals

Ed Stafford

Explorer, 🚶🏻‍♂️1st to walk the Amazon | Discovery & Channel4 host

Zubin Damania


William Hague

Rt Hon Lord William Hague was born

Will Greenwood MBE

World-class rugby professional turned into leading sports commentator, Will Greenwood is a rugby analyst of the highest calibre.

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones is the man behind The Black Farmer®.

Vick Hope

British multi-lingual TV and radio presenter, journalist, published author, activist and podcaster Vick Hope is a multilingual, multi-skilled and multifaceted young presenter making waves in the multi-platform world of broadcast.

Tony Hawks

Television and radio comedian and best-selling author, Tony Hawks is a professional at winning over crowds with his dry wit and slick delivery.

Tommy Docherty

Former football player and manager, Tommy Docherty regales audiences with his hilarious stories from his time at over twelve clubs across four countries.

Tom Surgey

Tom is a confident and energetic host.

Tim Hames

As former chief leader writer for the Times, Tim provides the ultimate "insider" knowledge, delivered with a famous lacerating humour as he delves deep into his reservoir of little-known but true revelations about media and politics, making Tim an ideal after dinner speaker.

Tim Fitzhigham

Tim Fitzhigham's far-fetched exploits are recounted in hilarious manner and are ideally suited for any corporate event to leave the audience in stitches.