Sophia Thakur

Ever since Sophia climbed onto the stage at the age of 16 and captivated a room full of adults, she has pushed the traditional boundaries of poetry and literature to inspire audiences across the country.


Sophia was the first poet to be invited to give two TED talks before the age of 20, which in turn led to participation at events organised by The Guardian, The Royal Family, Channel 4, BBC and even The British Arts Council. Sophia’s speaking journey as taken her across the world, captivating and charming diverse audiences from Universities to The Houses of Parliament. She has also been invited into work with the creative teams at Nike and Samsung to share her talents for crafting powerful prose. Online, Sophia has cultivated a passionate following with over 2million impressions per month across her social media channels. She has inspired young females to pick up a pen or type their own story and is regularly invited into schools to work with students. Furthermore, Sophia has performed at the Rockin’ Your Teens Annual Girls conference and is a youth ambassador for the betterment of young black girls, whilst leading BET and MTV’s global female campaigns for International Women’s Day and Black History Month. Sophia’s work also includes intimate forums with cancer patients, Cancer Research UK, Refugees and the Stand For Humanity foundation. Now a multi-award-winning writer and speaker, Sophia’s mission is to heal, creating a safe space to be vulnerable by pushing the boundaries of poetry and literature.


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