Shawna Suckow

Multi-million dollar buyer and planner


A multi-million dollar buyer and planner, Suckow brings 20 years of experience from a B2B customer perspective to sales professionals and business leaders seeking to modernize their marketing techniques. Suckow unpacks a thorough list of what works today in sales and what doesn't. An internationally acclaimed speaker, Suckow is ranked among the TNW Top 100 Tech & Business Women Speakers as well as Planners' Favorite Speakers by M&C magazine. Ranked among the top women speakers in business, Shawna Suckow uses her 20 years of expertise as a million-dollar B2B Buyer to help sales professionals and business leaders better engage today’s evolving customer. Suckow has worked with audiences across 5 continents to sharpen their networking skills, update their sales tactics, and modernize their marketing approaches. A Certified Meeting Professional, Suckow’s relevant takeaways and vibrant presentation style have earned her a place among Successful Meetings Magazine’s “25 Most Influential People in the Meetings Industry” for three consecutive years. She is one of Meeting & Conventions Magazine’s Planners’ Favorite Speakers of 2014 and 2015, sharing a list with household names like Bill Clinton, Patrick Stewart, and Anderson Cooper. Suckow is a three-time author. Her first two books put planners and suppliers in each other’s shoes, imparting insights on what each party looks for in the other as well as what they staunchly avoid and why. Her upcoming book Don’t Become Extinct: Join the Sales Evolution! looks at how the buying process has changed, what works today in sales, and what doesn’t. Shawna Suckow, CMP, was a million-dollar buyer for more than 20 years. She brings that experience to the stage to deliver a unique message of how both B2B and B2C customers think, and how they’ve evolved following technology advancements and culture shifts. She’s studied buyer behavior extensively. She knows what’s working in sales and marketing right now (and what’s not!), and strong opinions on what the landscape looks like in five to ten years. Her mission is to bridge the communication gap between customers and salespeople, to make the entire buying process easier for everyone. She’s now spoken on 5 continents and in 12 countries. Honors include being named to the TNW Top 100 Tech & Business Women Speakers in 2015, Top 25 Women in the Meetings Industry in 2015 by M&C Magazine, Planners’ Favorite Speakers of 2014 by M&C magazine, and one of top Top 8 Speakers of 2013 by MeetingsNet. Her third book is due in 2017: Don’t Become Extinct: Join the Sales Evolution!Suckow is a Colorado native who has lived in Minnesota since 1999. Personally, she thinks she is hilarious, but her teenagers don’t agree. Her philosophy: “What are you waiting for? Take the risk or you will never know what could have been.”


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