Shaun Ellis

A wolf behaviour expert, Shaun Ellis conducts research in a fascinatingly unique - and sometimes controversial - way by living with wolves and becoming part of their world.


Shaun Ellis is a wolf behavior expert who conducts research in a unique and sometimes controversial way, by living with wolves and becoming part of their world.  He is a charismatic and inspiring after dinner speaker on topics including wildlife, the environment and wolf life. Shaun grew up a rural farming community in the States, with few other children for Shaun to bond with, which created in him the need to look to wildlife for friendship. Shaun's key messages include:• The Pack has clearly defined goals, expansion strategies, a hierarchy with specific roles and functions and crisis management solutions.• Constantly revaluates itself in order to obtain maximum return from the marketplace in which it operates. • Grows, consolidates or rationalises depending on territory and trading conditions. • Has clearly defined procedures for internal and external takeovers and change management. • Trains, motivates, adopts specialist functions, recruits, promotes and disciplines. • Is more disciplined than most companies in terms of departmental integration, role recognition, reward and even use of older employees.


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