Sebastien Foucan

Friends were growing up in Lisses (France) in the 1980s


It was while Sebastien Foucan and his friends were growing up in Lisses (France) in the 1980s, that they began to develop an obstacle led style of play which they named 'parcours' after the military training, 'parcours du combatant'. After leaving school, Sebastien went into military service as a fire fighter in Paris between 1995 and 1997 and throughout that time, he continued to develop his own style of parcours into what is now known as 'freerunning'. In 2001, Sebastien choreographed, managed and performed his first freerunning show in Frankfurt, Germany. Sebastien came to prominence in the UK in 2005 after the showing of the Channel 4 documentary Jump Britain. He appeared in the music videos for Madonna's 2005 singles, Jump and Hung Up, and went on to accompany Madonna on her 2006 Confessions Tour. It was also in 2006 that Sebastien made his acting debut, starring as Mollaka in the 21st James Bond film; Casino Royale. Sébastien is widely known for the opening scenes of the Hollywood blockbuster in which he attempts to outrun British secret agent 007, played for the first time by Daniel Craig, in the opening scenes of the 21st James Bond film. Following the success of Casino Royale, Sebastien Foucan went on to star in The Tournament playing the role of assassin Anton Bogart. In 2008, Sebastien's first book Freerunning - Find Your Way was published. The book highlights the philosophies and values behind freerunning and how that can be applied to your daily life. And in 2012 Sebastien lined up alongside fifteen celebrities to take part in the seventh series of ITV's Dancing on Ice. He was eliminated in a double "Ultimate Skills" skate - off along with Heidi Range. Sebastien Foucan’s story and his thoughts about freerunning deliver inspirational messages in memorable way. Sebastien believes that understanding freerunning and how and why he jumps can help people think about their own attitude to choices, boundaries, difficulties and seemingly insurmountable ‘walls’ in their own life, work culture and environment. Sebastien quite literally finds a creative path through a landscape of obstacles working with fear and contemplating challenge and difficulty in a creative way.


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