Robin Sieger

Internationally acclaimed motivational speaker with a proven track record as one of Europe's leading authorities on success


Robin Sieger is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker with a proven track record as one of Europe's leading authorities on success, motivation and peak performance. He is a truly unique thinker whose ideas, initiatives and philosophy have guided people worldwide to make positive change and create personal success. Robin has presented to many of world's most prestigious organisations as well as global associations and leading centres of excellence. His ability to blend thought-provoking, intellectual challenges with humour is captivating, compelling and entertaining. His ability to inspire audiences stems from his own genuinely approachable manner and offerings of real and tangible insight into harnessing personal potential. And Robin is renowned for his ability to simultaneously inspire, inform and motivate audiences to excel beyond their current performance limits, turning potential into profit — whether it's addressing a 6000-strong global conference for IBM in Las Vegas or a small SME office in a back street of London. Glasgow-born Robin Sieger was a 29 year old stand up comedian and TV writer when he was diagnosed with Cancer, he recalls that at that time he was poised for career success and was astounded by the cards that fate dealt for him. While in hospital, Robin became fascinated by one question – 'Why are successful people successful? In what is best described as a 'wake up call' he began to realise that success is not a matter of luck, it is a matter of design. This concept became his holy grail. Robin began to study the characteristics of both personal and corporate success, his research led him to professors of strategic management, to entrepreneurs, and even to members of the British Army's elite regiment, the SAS. Success is a personal experience that is best defined as the realisation of your goals, both personal and professional. Wealth, happiness and the rest are simply by-products created by the achievement of these goals. Winners don't get more opportunities, they create them. They don't let setbacks reinforce a poor self-image, they see them as opportunities in disguise, as chances to bolster their resolve to succeed in realising their dreams. Robin Sieger delivers over 80 public and corporate presentations per year on the psychology of success and peak performance in business, from shop floor to board level. He also coaches board level executives and professional golfers in the UK and USA. From 6 to 6000, his emphasis is on emotionally engaging the audience with real-world information they can action. He is the author of six books including the international bestseller Natural Born Winners (Random House), sold in over 80 countries, in 18 languages, and also turned into a No 1 rated television series. Recently he has written three books on golf psychology. The first, Silent Mind Golf, remains on the best-seller list after three years. Robin holds the world record for the coldest round of golf ever played, 18 holes at -26°C, at North Star GC, Fairbanks Alaska, Dec 22nd 2001. He has made over 150 skydives having taken it up aged 49. Funny, direct, and challenging, this 6ft 4in, rock-steady Scot knows all about adversity, survival and winning. He believes in living life to the full, and sets himself a physical challenge every year to raise money for his chosen charities.


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