Pete Goss MBE

Pete Goss is a sailor and adventurer.


Pete Goss MBE is an adventurer, entrepreneur and bestselling author. Associate Fellow at Said Business School of Oxford University and The London Business School, Pete relates his stories of adventure, teamwork and leadership to the business field. His presentations inspire people to enter into a world of self-discovery, to realise their capabilities both individually and collectively, to sharpen their skills and then put them to the test. Pete is the ultimate competitor, whose outstanding ‘can do’ philosophy, combined with his limitless courage to overcome all the risks and dangers became abundantly clear in the world's toughest yacht race, 'The Vendée Globe non-stop, single-handed Round the World Race'.  His vision and ten-year dream in the making, resulted in him setting off from France in November 1996, in a race that would test him, his team and the boat to the absolute limit. The drama of the race unfolded in the notorious hostile environment of the southern ocean. The world looked on as huge seas and winds of up to 80mph pounded Raphael Dinelli’s stricken boat; he was facing certain death.  After receiving the distress call, Pete immediately turned his boat around and battled for two days against hurricane force winds to reach Dinelli and rescue him - the rest is now history. For his heroic rescue of Dinelli, he was awarded France’s highest decoration, the Legion d’Honneur by President Chirac of France, and the MBE by Her Majesty the Queen. His single-minded determination during the last leg of the race became abundantly clear when he was forced to operate on himself without anaesthetic and just a few basic instructions to repair ruptured muscles around his elbow. Able to tailor his speeches to specific client requirements whilst remaining engaging and dynamic throughout, Pete has led both tight-knit conferences and large-scale events, sharing his resilient stories and leadership reflections, he has become highly sought-after on the circuit. People come away inspired from Pete’s talks, sharing in his ethos of taking responsibility for what they want to achieve and for what they believe in.


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