Markus Kramer

An advisor of businesses, boards, executives and operational teams, Markus Kramer has a wealth of experience.


His experience working with luxury car giants Aston Martin and Harley Davidson, has made brand guru Markus Kramer, a uniquely insightful business speaker who helps propel businesses and people to achieve their fullest potential. For businesses and brands to grow stronger, Markus is the ideal innovation expert, well-versed and educated in the art of taking a brand from its conception to its greatest heights. As a result of his work with Harley Davidson and Aston Martin, Markus gained an international reputation as a thought-leader with a particular talent for conceiving, enabling and executing inspirational branding and marketing campaigns, and is a member of the board at London and Zurich-based Brand Affairs, a dominant and dynamic team focusing on aiding brands in the arenas of communication; strategic growth; retail development and brand management. Passionate about building brands, Markus plays a pivotal role in the world of cutting edge marketing that luxury goods and automotive sectors inhabit. He is a regular speaker at corporate events and business schools across the world, and his deep knowledge is enhanced by enthusiasm, sincerity and charm. Markus addresses bigger strategic questions going beyond branding, specifically the changing nature of customers and how successful brands bridge and attract customers across generations. He uses Harley-Davidson and Aston Martin to illustrate how these brands go about this with very different but successful approaches to stay relevant and target different age groups. Markus sits on the European Board of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and is a member of the steering committee of UK’s CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Marketing Confidence Index Program. He is a Visiting Professor in Strategic Brand Management at Cass Business School London and holds degrees from the University of California (USA), Oxford (UK), MIT (USA). Markus speaks to audiences across the world, delivering change and inspiration to connect with employees at all levels. He will work with the event organisers to understand your objectives and deliver a bespoke talk achieving your goals.


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