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Marc Randolph

Co-founder and first CEO of Netflix.


With over 40 years experience, Marc Randolph, co-founder and former CEO and Netflix, has proved to be an expert on business strategies and innovations. By fostering creativity and turning ideas into realities, Marc has created several successful business ventures, including many he founded. Before founding Netflix in 1996, where he served as CEO, executive web producer and board member, Marc was on the founding team of several successful start-ups, all of which when on to become IPOs. Since his retirement from Netflix, Marc has served as board member, advisor, and mentor for executives in a variety of industries. Marc Randolph’s experience, wisdom, and inspiration apply to all businesses and industries. By motivating audiences to think differently, Marc is able to help businesses achieve success. During his 40+ year career, co-founder and former CEO of Netflix, Marc Randolph has established himself as an authority on business, strategy and innovation. His insight on fostering creativity and effectively transforming ideas into realities has resulted in numerous successful business ventures, including many that he founded. Prior to founding Netflix in 1996, Marc was on the founding team of more than half a dozen successful startups in various industries – all of which went on to IPOs or other liquidity events. At Netflix, he served as CEO, executive web producer and board member, until his retirement from the company. Since then, he has served as an advisor, mentor, board member and investor for businesses and executives in a variety of industries. Most recently, he co-founded analytics software company, Looker Data Sciences and serves as an operational advisor. With knowledge and experience that applies to any business or industry, Randolph seamlessly translates his wisdom into meaningful acumen and inspiration to all types of audiences. In narratives that highlight idea generation, transforming challenges into advantages, lessons learned from Netflix and insight into how to validate ideas, Marc Randolph motivates audiences to think differently to achieve their definition of success.


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