Dr Ayan Panja

Dr Ayan Panja presents Health Check on BBC News, a round-up of health stories from around the world.


Continuing his family tradition of becoming a doctor, Dr Ayan is a GP partner in a NHS practice in St Albans. Having qualified at Imperial College School of Medicine, his work at the busy city centre NHS surgery focuses on the prevention of illness and disease. Dr Ayan writes extensively on all matters health related, and has written articles for publications such as The Guardian, Huffington Post, Esquire and the British Medical Journal. Dr Ayan has undertaken clinical work in areas of general practice, preventative medicine, psychology in health and men’s health. Ayan’s journey into broadcasting began in 2006 when he was the expert presenter on BBC 1’s Street Doctors. More recently, Ayan has featured as a medical expert in Celebrity Quitters (FIVE), Squeamish (Discovery) and Bang Goes the Theory (BBC1). He is currently the resident doctor on Health Check on BBC World News, presenting a monthly overview of global health stories. Ayan’s first book An Essential Medical Miscellany, which is a collection of amusing medical titbits, was published in 2005. Dr Ayan's ability to convey intricate ideas in a clear and concise way, combined with his naturally engaging and empathetic style, make him an ideal choice as keynote speaker for health-focused events.


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