Depesh Mandalia

Entrepreneur | Facebook Ads Agency & Educational Businesses


Founder of SM Commerce, a Facebook advertising powerhouse. We create growth machines through Facebook advertising for startups and SMEs. A full-stack marketer* that enjoys helping SMEs and Startups to find traction and scale. I've run my own affiliate marketing business generating over £1M in revenue during peak before I took those learnings to startups and SMEs. Specialised in helping startups and SMEs find and execute scaling opportunities through all aspects of traditional and digital marketing. Small or large budgets, anything's possible with the right product-market fit. * A full-stack marketer is defined as a marketer that works across the entire customer journey funnel from awareness and traffic acquisition through to site experience, lead gen, sales, retention and referral. They're also usually adept with both left and right brain thinking (think: tech + creative) to create revenue uplift... this is my definition anyway.

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