Christian Howes

Some of his achievements include building the solution that joined digital data with existing customer and transactional data, enabling contextually driven customer service; Making analytics data available to merchandisers and buyers, providing customer insight about products sold and requested, and using paid social advertising as a testing platform for a large Telco which enabled innovation and product learning at speed and scale.


A social media, digital and big data expert with over 15 years of experience, Christian works with some of the biggest corporations and TV platforms, working for The Hub for This Morning and BT Sport, he helps big companies expose data and improve their performance. Christian Howes rose to fame through the path of reality TV, but not through the expected method. He came to prominence when he began observing social media habits of viewers of reality TV. Speaking about his findings on Twitter and Facebook, he got himself a weekly spot on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side to discuss his research and to present his conclusions to the millions of viewers who were chattering about the shows but had no idea how their conversations were impacting social media spheres. His expertise was picked up by producers of BBC1’s National Lottery show, and he was offered a similar role there. Working for The Hub for This Morning and BT Sport, Christian has ventured beyond the world of entertainment, to use his niche skills in a corporate setting. Helping numerous production companies to develop ideas and formats around integrating social data into programmes, he is currently actively involved in bringing new series to air that merge modern data with traditional genres. Joining digital data with transactional processes, to enable a slick and driven customer service programme, Christian has helped countless companies streamline their processes. Having previously shared his expertise with top brands including ASOS, Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, Playstation and Telegraph, Christian has become a sought-after keynote speaker at business conferences around the world.


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