Alex Crow

Alex Crow amazes and bamboozles audiences with his mind-reading skills, and incredible magic.


Mindreading over the internet?With “normal” live events still seeming quite a way off, many clients are looking at ways to engage their audiences in the virtual world. As a Psychic Entertainer, Alex Crow is sure to bring something completely different to your event. Mindreader Alex Crow has created a brand new show designed from the ground up for virtual audiences.  Using multiple cameras, professional backdrops, video and music, this is a show which is entertaining, engaging and most importantly, interactive. Reading and influencing minds, duplicating unseen drawings and making crazy predictions come true are some of the things you will witness when you take part in a virtual mindreading show with Alex - there are even some routines which you follow along with and get to experience the “magic” in your own home!Alex served for 15 years in the Metropolitan Police before leaving for a world of showbiz and he has never looked back!  After studying NLP, psychology and body language, Alex is now regarded as one of the top mindreaders in the UK.  Whether it be giving a keynote speech in a conference, hosting and performing at an awards event or providing walkabout mindreading at a Christmas party, you can be sure the audience will have plenty to talk about after Alex has left!Alex will perform a 30, 45 or 60 minute set with maximum audience participation in a scary, at times funny, and bewildering rollercoaster ride of the senses!  Towards the end of the show, Alex will put his safety at stake as he performs his thrilling and dangerous version of Russian Roulette. The “Dark Parlour” is a complete theatrical set-up that Alex has devised for corporate events.  One of the uses for it would be where he is situated in the bar/reception area with a few chairs in front of the table.  Then, during the evening, clients could come to the table, sit down and be entertained with close up weirdness. Spooky music, lighting, the smell of incense and weird props all go together to provide great atmosphere and the ultimate conditions to witness this unique style of magic. Alex has been featured in the women’s magazine “Reveal”, writing a Tarot column and, although he doesn’t have time for private readings, is able to perform short readings at private parties and corporate events.  This is often combined with one of the above options to make a truly memorable evening. This is also a great way to attract customers to your stand at an exhibition!Now with the added string of a virtual show to his bow, Alex is able to perform at any event, whether that be live, virtual or hybrid.


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