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Alan Amling

VP of UPS Corporate Strategy


As VP of UPS Corporate Strategy, Amling has overseen several innovations within the logistic legend’s structure, including UPS’s growing On Demand Manufacturing Initiative which utilizes 3D printing to get customers the parts and products they need faster. Veteran conference and TED Talk speaker, Amling combines his practical knowledge of emerging technologies such as 3D printing, AI, and blockchain, with his hands-on leadership experience integrating these technologies into his company’s business model. With over 23 years working in logistics and supply chains, Amling offers unparalleled expertise in how you can cut costs, time, and carbon in these areas by embracing new technologies. Logistics innovator, Alan Amling has been working to keep companies’ supply chains on the right side of disruption for over 23 years. As VP at UPS Ventures and UPS Corporate Strategy, Amling has been working with emerging trends, markets, and technologies to cut down on costs and carbon while bringing UPS business models into the “On-Demand Economy.” One of Amling’s most noteworthy developments is UPS’s growing On Demand Manufacturing Initiative which uses 3D printing, the potential of which he explored in a much-viewed TED Talk. He is also working on projects that involve AI, IoT, Blockchain, autonomous everything, platform businesses, and smart cities. His understanding of technology combined with his experience using it to reinvent aspects of logistics, distribution, and inventory management make him a valuable speaker for large businesses looking to get in the game in the Digital Age. Amling has held various leadership positions at UPS since 1994. He got his start at the company as a seasonal delivery driver. He holds an MBA from the Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and is working on a PhD in Management and Strategy from Kennesaw State University, with a focus on disruptive innovation theory. Specifically, his research involves uncovering common processes that companies undergo once they’ve identified potential threats, and which processes or characteristics lead to more positive results. Alan Amling is a TED speaker and thought leader on harnessing digital disruption for success.  Alan helped drive innovation over a 27-year career with UPS and is currently a Fellow at The University of Tennessee, CEO of advisory firm Thrive and Advance LLC, and on the Executive Advisory Board for the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute.  He researches, invests, advises, and speaks on innovation in manufacturing and logistics and how firms can recognize and thrive in disruption. Alan’s latest role at UPS was VP Corporate Strategy, where he helped revitalize UPS innovation and venture capital programs for the digital economy.  He moved into this role after serving as VP of Marketing for UPS Global Logistics & Distribution.  Alan began his UPS career in 1982 working as a seasonal employee for four years, performing a variety of jobs, including package handler and car washer. Alan rejoined UPS after graduate school in 1992 and held numerous leadership roles in industrial engineering, customer technology, and new product development. Alan holds a Ph.D. in Management from Kennesaw State University, an MBA from Indiana University, and a B.A. in business and psychology from Lewis & Clark College.


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