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Search our directory to see if we already have a profile on you. If we do, click ‘claim profile’ at the bottom to take ownership and make adjustments to your profile.
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Serious Leads Straight to Your Inbox

Once someone clicks ‘enquire now’ on your page, we validate the lead before contacting you. This means that we ask further questions and eliminate time-wasters. Once we have a serious lead, you’ll receive an email with the details of the events.


Less Fees, Less Fuss!

A finders fee of 7% will be taken by Mic Drop if a successful gig is booked. Once you’ve confirmed availability and agreed to the finders fee you have open communication with the event organiser, to discuss the logistics of the event.


Drop the Mic

Go out there and do what you do best. If you wish, you can use your Mic Drop “Verified Event Link”, to collect real audience feedback and gain credibility. You can even offer personalised incentives to your reviews, which will be granted upon review submission.

Things you love to see

(We do these)

  • Just 7% commission
  • Only pay if you’re booked
  • Vetted Enquiries
  • Monetise engaged audience members

Things you hate to see

(We don't do these)

  • Hidden Fees
  • Membership Costs
  • Exclusivity Restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I on this website?

Hey there, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably found a profile on yourself and are wondering how the heck did it get here? Let us explain… Mic Drop is an independent directory that collates information from a range of sources, to make speakers and experts easier to find. If you have not created your own profile, your profile has been created due to user requests or because the Mic Drop team thinks you’re a speaker worth finding. We do not claim to represent you in anyway.

Where have you got my profile information from?

All information visible on speaker profiles, is information that is publicly available elsewhere. We aim to attribute the source of the relevant profile, however it is usually taken from speaker websites, social media profiles or bureau websites. The “speaker personality” section is the only exception, and this is selected by a Mic Drop team member based on looking at live performances, video recordings, profile descriptions and audience reviews.

Should I claim my profile?

Absolutely! You will have full access to customising it’s content. It will also allows us to contact you faster when we recieve a booking enquiry. If you do not claim your profile, we will do our best to contact you or your representatives upon receiving a booking enquiry.

How do I get “Verified Attendee” Reviews on my profile?

There are two ways you can get Verified Attendee Reviews to increase the ranking of your profile:

Verified Event Links – As a Mic Drop user, you can create event links that enable your audience to leave reviews. Any reviews left via a Mic Drop event link will be classes as verified reviews

Transfer Existing Reviews - Contact the Mic Drop team to convert your LinkedIn Testimonials, Feedback Slips, Client Emails etc into verified reviews. Click here to see more.

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