How to Collect Audience Reviews at Your Speaking Event

Okay, picture this… You’ve just given the presentation of your life, the audience is buzzing and your overjoyed as you look out into a crowd of smiles and clapping hands. And then.. you sigh a breath of relief as the audience begins to pour out of the building, back to their everyday lives.

Sounds good right? WRONG.

You’ve just let 10,100 or 1000 happy customers escape without capturing all that positive sentiment. Capturing positive sentiment is critical in the 21st century, as it enables future buyers to see your established reputation and credibility. In short – more sentiment = more sales. 94% of online customers read reviews before making any purchasing decisions – Fan and Fuel (2016) That’s why at Mic Drop, we make it as easy as possible for speakers to capture audience feedback. Here’s some top tips on how to maximise your feedback at events.

Tip 1 – Set up an Event Review Link to get “Verified Attendee” Reviews

You can attach an event to your speaker profile by clicking ‘New Event’ in the ‘Events’ section of your Mic Drop profile. Alternatively, you can message the Mic Drop team and we’ll create the event for you. This will create a unique link that ensures any reviews left in a specified time will be recorded as “verified attendees” at your event.

Tip 2 – Share your event QR Code on Presentation Materials

QR Code

You could send your audience the event URL after the event, although it is far better to strike while the iron’s hot. We recommend placing your Mic Drop QR Code on presentation materials, including brochures, handouts or at the end of your presentation slides. This way, the audience has instant access to submit feedback whilst at the event.

Tip 3 – Explain why the audience leaving a review, will help you as a speaker.

When asking your audience to leave a review, it’s critically important that you explain why you want them to do it. How will it benefit you as a speaker? What is the result of you collecting reviews? How does this impact your career/livelihood? People are often happy to help, but without a ‘why’ they have no reason to care.

Tip 4 – Incentivise Review Submissions

The perks are unbelievable

This is the single most important step in maximising review submissions and monetising your engaged audience. At Mic Drop, we let you customise your ‘Thank You Message’ to reviewers. You can use this space to offer incentives for your audience to leave reviews. Recommended incentives include: Sending the slide-deck/presentation, bonus content, discounts to speaker products. This feature not only helps you capture more reviews, but also acts as high-conversion sales-funnel to your most engaged audience members.

(Bonus) Tip 5 – Transfer Existing Testimonials

Okay, so the event’s over and some doofus said how much they loved your talk on Twitter or LinkedIn, instead of on your Mic Drop Profile. Not to worry, head on over to our review transfers page and we can transfer existing testimonials into “verified reviews” for just £1 per review. Pretty good, heh?

So that’s it – you’re ready to be a feedback collecting superstar. Go out there and drop the mic! If you have any more questions regarding review submissions, please contact us at: Support-email.